Jack off Pants might seem like a peculiar product, but as someone who faps a lot, I can attest that they are essential to my masturbatory practice.

I remember how the idea came to me. I was in a new home that got exceptionally cold. The central heating took forever to work and it seemed wasteful to heat the whole place just so I could go pantless. Space heaters never seemed to evenly hit my naked legs spread open while I jerked it at the computer. Being a homebody my pants of choice were always sweatpants. I had a pair that I cut a hole in the crotch area so I had unobstructed access to my penis. They worked like a charm and became my first jack off pants. Not only did they keep my legs warm they also made it easy to hide my boner if someone walked in unexpectedly. People just don't assume you're masturbating if you have pants on. 

However there was a problem with my first pants. Whenever I got up and walked around, my junk would be fully exposed for the world to see. It needed a zipper, a big one. I looked on the internet to see if anything existed that was similar to the special jack off pants that I envisioned, but to my surprise I couldn't find anything. That was when I realized that I had to make this product, not only for myself but for the masturbators of the world. I eventually found a manufacturer to produce the pants and after numerous prototypes I created JOpants.

I call them JOpants because I want them to be completely inconspicuous. Obviously JO stands for Jack Off, but you wouldn't know that by initially looking at them. They look like normal pants that any regular Jo would wear. The extra long, invisible zipper is hardly noticeable since the zipper is so small it looks like a seam. 

I sincerely hope you appreciate these pants as much as I do. If you masturbate a lot, these could very well be your favorite pants. I'm hoping there is a demand for these pants so I can produce many different styles, colors and types of JO clothes to better your jack off life.