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JOpants JackinJoggers

JOpants JackinJoggers

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At first glance JOpants seem like normal, unassuming pants a regular Jo would wear, however these are not ordinary pants, these are Jack Off Pants! An extra long invisible zipper opens up the crotch area for easy access to your genitals. JackinJoggers, are cozy, comfortable joggers with a simple timeless design, made with masturbation in mind. Stay covered, and warm while pleasuring yourself. No need to turn the heater up and waste electricity to fap naked. Quickly conceal your junk if someone walks in unexpectedly. Never get caught with your pants down again.

Made in the USA with high quality fabric and materials. Intended to be worn without underwear. The elastic is snug at the waist for this product, so if you prefer a looser fit please size up a size. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jon wood
Great idea, but needs improvement.

The idea of these pants is great and love it. Material is of great quality. Only downside is the joggers aren't very well designed when it comes to range of motion. I'm not able to open my legs for a comfortable position in order to take advantage of the opening created when completely unzipped. The fabric and seems get tight and I fear I will rip either or both. Feels like they were constructed for a statue that only stands. Unfortunate because I wanted to love these but can't because they aren't comfortable enough to wear.

You must have gotten a size that's way too small for you. These pants are made for open legs. This is the first time I've received this complaint.

Sam Rowley

Look, even if you don’t use them for their intended purpose (what are you doing here) these are still SUPER comfortable pants, and if nothing else the zipper is convenient. Like, A+ all around.


While I love these, there are a few options I’d love to see.
Zippers in the pockets would be fun.
A reversible or two way front zipper would be more convenient for quick closure.
A lighter weight option for warmer weather.
More Color options.
But these are the best idea and invention EVER.

Great... but needs bigger pockets.

Phones are pretty big, and these pockets are just not big enough for my phone (newish pixel phone) to fit in it without falling out. I had a couple close calls where I caught my phone before any damage could be done. Besides that these joggers are wonderful!

Bator Rob
Love these pants

I used to cut holes in my jeans pockets so I could have easier access to my dick. JOpants have a wide zipper that allows me the access I need. I did notice a remnant of precum on the pants after my cock fell out of my albolene coated hand after one use. Easy cleanup with a wet rag. Very comfortable pants.